Terra Universal manufactures and stocks pass-through chambers for all applicatopns and environments, including USP, CGMP, and FDA-regulated facilities.

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Smart® Pass-Throughs with electronic interlocks and LED indicators ensure access to only one operator at a time

BioSafe® Pass-Throughs Chambers are designed for critical biological applications with strict sterilization protocols

ValuLineTM Pass-Throughs offer a cost-effective, yet robust design with many available material choices


Universal Hoods Offer deep customization options, user-friendly control panels, and a broad range of add-ons for expiosion-proofing, static control, or integrated UV decontamination.

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Horizon'tal Laminar Flow Hoods offer side baffles, a differential pressure gauge, and Terra's energy-efficient EC FFUs to optimize airflow

Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods deliver a free-standing, vibration-isolated workstation with interchangeable panels and a motorized sliding shield

Terra Universal FAN FILTER UNITS

Terra Smart® amd WhisperFlow® Fan Units offer a UL-Listed assembly for strict compliance, and quick connect fittings that reduce, if not eliminate, hand-wired FFU installation.

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Terra's Smart® Fan Filter Units feature a Wi-Fi0ready network card for remote adjustment of on/off, fan speed, diagnostics, and energy use

Pair a Smart® Cleanroom Control Panals and effortlessly banlance FFU performance from one clean zone to another

Terra's WhisperFlow® cleanroom fan filter units with PSC motors offer a simple solution for smaller-scale projects


Terra Universal, the leader in cleanroom designs and furnoshings, offers a broad selection of BioSafe® cleanroom furnishings for critical environments.

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BioSafe® Sinks feature hands-free faucets thet combine integrated IR beam air-blade hand dryers

BioSafe® Waste Receptacles feature a foot-operated pedal and a floating lid for minimal noise and uniform air flow

BioSafe® Glove Dispensers eature sloped tops and flow-through cabinets to maintain airflow and reduce cleaning

Terra's IsoDry® and Smart® Desiccator Cabinets provide an economically compelling reason to provide a clean, dry storage environment at every stage of your manufacturing process.

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IsoDry® Desiccators upgrade a Dual PurgeTM & NitroWatchTM system with twin dilution fans to efficiently achieve uniform RH

Smart® Desiccator Cabinets automatic infill systems that improve N2 gas efficiency and reduce air supply demand by up to 78%

Pair with Nitrogen Gas Generators to eliminate the cost and inconvenience of pre-filled canisters

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